Presenting and Pricing My Home To Sell

March 1st, 2016

Selling your Home



Many people hire real estate agents for their expertise, however just like every other profession in the world their are good ones and bad ones.  I look at listings all day long, and often wonder what kind of representation is the agent offering their client.  Many times I can see the answer to the problems right away Price and Presentation…The average consumer is not aware that the first time someone actually views your home is online, not in person, so for that reason your home’s presentation must be A1. Presentation is the first part in a 2 part equation that will get a buyer to your door and ultimately make a difference in selling your home.  Make sure that the real estate agent you are interviewing is conscience about presentation and they are going to invest some money in professional photos to make sure you have the best presentation possible. They should be able to advise you on how to stage your home, so that it shows well in person and online.


The second part of being able to sell your home quickly and for the most money is Price.  Where you list your home is the 2nd critical component of getting a buyer to want to schedule a viewing of your property.  You want to interview an agent that understands the patterns and values directly related to your neighborhood.  One that understand where the buyers are buying at and what most attracts them to ultimately submit and offer and eventually selling your home.  Sellers often have a dollar figure that they are trying to reach when selling a home, this is often driven by the amount of money owed on the property and the amount they need to net after fees in the transaction. Your agent, hopefully a full time one will provide you with data that supports their opinion on where you should list your home. Often there is pushback and the agent will list the home at a higher then recommended price to satisfy the seller. I would caution on this  approach for the following reasons.  1.) The most critical time on pricing is when your home first hits the market, this is when it will get the most exposure and the highest amount of people looking at it.  As days go by less and less buyers see the home and you as the seller begin to lose a little leverage and your position with buyers 2.)  The longer your home stays on the market the more leverage you give a perspective buyer and ultimately the less money you are going to make in the transaction.

If you are like most of the population when selling a home, and want the highest amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time present your home properly and price it where the buyers are buying at in your area.  Nobody wants to keep their house looking like a model home for months on end waiting for the fish to bite.  If you do not want to be asking, why is my home not selling? Find the right agent,one who knows the market and one who is going to focus on pricing and presentation.  In the end it could be the difference in getting your home sold fast for the most money possible and asking yourself why is my home not selling?  These are some of the best things you can focus on when selling your home.